Mod Details :: Dark Nova

Mod: Dark Nova
Mod Version: 4.32
Game: Space Empires IV
Game Version: 1.95
Download Link:!Av5z-xQ6s0MooPAjKoVZ-TWb1m5i6Q
Author: bearclaw
Submitter: bearclaw
Date Added: Sep 26, 2016 8:33 PM

Yet another overdue patch fix for Dark Nova 4. This version brings a few adjustments as noted by players.

Changed HEF mount (Reduced to-hit bonus to +0, reduced damage from 900% to 750%)
Changed Light Mounts to -1 range, 45% damage.
Added version of special mounts (Low Grade, Premium, etc.) Mounts for Bases and satellites(increase range by 2 & to-hit bonus by +20%)
Reduced ranges of all hull size specific mounts by 1.
Increased repair rate of SY Complex
Adjusted City Facility costs to be better in line with each other (build costs reduced, output increased)
Re-categorize Homeworld facilities into appropriate categories
Increased HEF Point Defense Mount drastically but only for Point Defense Lasers now.
Remove Standard Weapon Platform
Changed transport, colony ship, carriers and CHON hull speeds. Slight decrease.
Removed Battle Squadron-2 hull
Removed Tiny-2, Medium-2, Large-2 Satellites.
Adjusted remaining Satellites to match
Fixed Typo for Contra-Terran Engines I
Changed Flak Cannon target to any but planets (Point-Defense)
Removed Emissive Shell
Removed Small Solar Sails/Small Laser Sails
Fixed Typo for abilities for Mass Displacer
Reduced Fighter Tech level by 1
Reduced Satellites Tech levels by 3
Reduced weapon platform tech by 1
Reduced base tech cost of some units

Added new component family numbers to Shell Mounts
Fixed typo for Extended Range Mount ("Cost" misspelled "Caost"
Fixed typo for Aerial Colonization ("Aireal")
Changed MiniMissile mount to +25% Cost, +50% Consumption, -50% Size and Structure, -25% Damage
Changed Drone warheads to require Warhead tech
Changed Low Grade Weapon to remove comment about reducing Shield strength
Changed Light Weapon mount to -50% Cost, Size, Structure and Consumption, -60% Damage, +15% Accuracy, -1 Range
Fixed AI files
Fixed Typo "Particle Emission"
Changed High Energy Discharge Weapons to require Physics 4
Fixed typo "repels" for Energized Shell
Changed base construction costs of Light colony ships in relation to other colony ships.
Checked Miniature Weapon mount for Supply usage amount (corrected to 100%)
Changed order of Small Transport abilities to match other hulls
Cleaned up Design Type List